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Going for Gold in Poker

There are two reasons to bet in a game of Poker. One is to extract value out of your opponent(s) when you believe you have the best hand. The other reason to bet is when you have the weakest hand and believe you can force a better hand to fold. 

The top poker players in the business are like geneticists when it comes to extracting value. They are so accurate that every cent drives them further away from the competition. Finding spots to extract value and to then get it done is priceless.

You will notice a change in your value betting strategy when you start to notice that you are betting in situations where you would have usually checked. Intermediate players tend to stay at this level because they check too many better hands than their opponents. Lost value is criminal.

You gain another advantage when you learn to value bet . Not only do you earn a lot more money, but you also become very difficult to read, and finally – to play against. Facing a barrage of bets is never a very nice situation. Players hate to fold and so if you can spot the thin
slices of value it will change your game forever.

If you are unsure if you are value betting sufficiently, then pay due diligence to your river play. This is the street that most players find it easier to check than to bet. It pays to check your stats in this field to see how often you are checking instead of betting. 

If you do not use stats then just try betting more often, when you have medium strength hands, and see what happens to your game.


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