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The Uniqueness of Poker

If poker were a kid in the school playground, he would be the one with the bright red hair. As a game, poker is unique and stands alone. It is incomparable with anything else out there, and this is what makes the game so attractive.

There are people in the Poker forums who like to compare the game of poker to Blackjack, but although it easy to see how people can draw comparisons, the games are like chalk and cheese.
Both games are played for cash prizes and, if you are playing Texas Hold’em, both games are played with two starting cards. Finally, both games combine the elements of both skill and luck. 

But this is where the comparisons end. Poker is a game that is played against other people, whereas Blackjack is a game played against the house. 

Secondly, there is such a wider range of mental skill involved in the game of poker.
A very clever mathematician, with a great memory, could play perfect Blackjack and never be able emulate their success at the poker table.

Then, there are people who compare poker with chess. Both of these games involve deep thinking strategies and the need to think ahead. 

Unlike Blackjack, chess can be played against computers and physical people, but it is unusual for large sums of money to exchange hands. 

But, once again, the two worlds are as far apart as the Earth and Uranus. In chess, you have all of the complete information at your disposal, whereas poker is a game played with pieces if incomplete information. 

Chess is also a game that is 100% reliant on skill, whereas poker has that surprise element of luck.

Poker will always be different. Poker will always be wonderful. Poker will always be the kid with the bright red hair.

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