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Casino Industry News

Read the latest happenings in the offline and online casino industry.

Learning the Bingo Lingo - Here are a few of the more common phrases that you need to know if you are going to divulge in a spot of bingo-bango

S.M.A.R.T is a mnemonic that stands for Specific, Measured, Attainable, Relevant and Time Bound. It is a term used in the poker news to describe goals that are set in the business world and, over the years, they have crept into people’s everyday lives.

The Popularity of Online Gaming

Stacked Odds vs Fair Odds - it has been well documented that some unscrupulous online gambling sites are known to rig their payouts which is of course fraudulent.

Image is everything in poker, and there are many images for people to morph into, but there are two that are often cited in poker literature - passive and aggressive poker.

Who is Bingo for?
It used to be that bingo was associated with more mature ladies and was not generally seen as a very classy pursuit. How times have changed!
Nowadays, bingo is enjoyed by a much wider range of people: men and women, young and old, of all classes, creeds and races. Read More

Fake Online Casino Sites
There are several online casino sites that offer free play on their online slots but are hiding something more sinister. Read our article to learn how to tell if an online casino site is fake. Read More

African Palace Casino Warning
Moonlite Casinos has issued a warning to players about African Palace casino. Read More

Most Common Mistakes in Online Poker

Besides playing too many hands, online poker beginners commit other smallish, yet very costly mistakes like overplaying the hands they consider good ones. Read More

















The Uniqueness of Poker





Microgaming Jackpot passes the 6 Million Dollar Mark

Isle Of Man-based software development company Microgaming Software Systems Ltd has announced that the jackpot for four of its online gambling progressive jackpots has passed six million dollars and is still growing. Read More

Online Casino Open to Approaches

UK-listed online casino,, has announced that it is open to approaches from Las Vegas-based casinos regarding a sale. The announcement came from the company’s Chief Executive Officer, Mitch Garber...Read More

Liberty Media Buys Online Casino Developer

US-based Liberty Media Corporation has announced the acquisition of the remaining outstanding shares of Canadian online skill games developer Fun Technologies in a deal valued at a reported $94 million. Read More

Online Casino Group Hires Red Brick

The British land and online gambling company Gala Coral Group has announced the appointment of London’s The Red Brick Road as its advertising agency responsible for its entire portfolio of businesses. Read More

Taiwan Police Raid Online Bookmaker

Police in Taiwan have arrested 18 people this week on suspicion of running an illegal online sportsbetting operation that took advantage of the popularity of New York Yankees pitcher Wang Chien-ming. Read More