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Online Scratch Cards

These days online scratch cards are currently available at a variety of internet casinos across various different software options in a multitude of currencies, In the same way that the online casino itself was obviously inspired by the existence of it’s more traditional land based counterpart so the online scratch card was also inspired by the existence of the real life scratch card which proves so popular across the world.




The traditional scratch card can and often does offer prizes into the millions, it’s enduring popularity is down to the fact that anyone can win, the prizes whilst they can be fantastic jackpot amounts, also have scaled down versions starting from the same amount as the card costs meaning most people who’ve played more than one or two cards have usually had the excitement of some kind of win with typical odds being somewhere around 1 in 5.





There is also a large variety of scratch cards available with many different themes, including a scratch card that looks like a slot machines - Its actually called Classic Slots Scratch Card.

So have the online proprietors of casinos managed to translate this simple, effective and ever popular form of gambling into something that players want to enjoy online? The answer is unequivocally yes and the way they’ve done it is by retaining the simplicity. Offering scratch cards in a variety of themes to give players something to choose that appeals to them as individuals helps to make this a popular form of online gambling. The use in some cases of a virtual coin to scratch off the card adds a little bit of fun and interest to the players who keep coming back to enjoy the fun.

And of course there’s always the dream in the back of all of our minds that the next card you scratch off will be the big jackpot that changes your life forever.


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