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Aggression In Poker

Image is everything in poker, and there are many images for people to morph into, but there are two that are often cited in poker literature: passive and aggressive.

Passive poker players do not excel in the game of poker.

The felt is like the Savannah and, if you cannot find the right level of aggression, then someone else will. You just simply end up being eaten.

One way to attain an aggressive image is to three-bet and three-bet often.

This means incorporating a much wider range of three-betting hands. However, this method should only be practiced if you are a competent post flop player.

By acting in this fashion, players will think that you are playing a very wide range of hands, meaning that you will get paid off more often.

Being the aggressor also allows you to control the flow and dynamic of the table (often referred to as being the Table Captain).

Being in charge allows you to isolate the fish, exploit the weaknesses of the other players, and create positional advantage.

So, when you first join a game, start by three-betting with your bluff type hands.

Then, if it goes to showdown, people will see that you are capable of three betting light.

If you start by three-betting light, and do not receive any resistance then keep hammering away until you do. Then, when you start to feel resistance, change tact and use your value range.

Another great way to apply aggression is to hammer away at one particularly weak opponent from position.

This can so often lead to tilt, and your opponent will stack off with a very light range of hands.


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